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Celestial Charm Necklace

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What do the stars say today? Doesn’t matter, because this Celestial Charm Necklace has all the mystical power you need. A whimsical take on a nostalgic favorite, this .925 sterling silver necklace with gold vermeil plating mixes clear, sapphire and emerald pavé crystals into a series of seven charms. Strung along a sixteen inch long chain necklace, the motifs on each charm include an eye charm on one end to ward off misfortune caused by an evil eye, and a flower on the other end to signify hope, with other symbols in between. A lobster claw closure makes it easy to put this necklace on, literally sealing the deal.

In recent years, the idea of wearing charms on a necklace has become more popular, even though charm bracelets have historically been the favored way to wear charms—ladies such as Elizabeth Taylor and the stylish socialite and Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, were apparently fans of the style. But it’s not hard to see why a necklace could be an alternative worth betting on. Worn at the neck, your collection is more visible to everyone, and if you’re the kind of girl who works a lot with her hands, a necklace is definitely a more convenient place to wear dangling baubles, especially if you value them. But whatever your reason for wearing a charm necklace, we’re definitely here for it. We’re fans of adding this versatile piece to our everyday jewelry collection, but also for injecting a bit of zest and personality to a special occasion. Our suggestion is to pair it with a minimalist black slip dress in a silk-like fabric to pay homage to the ’90s vibe that’s been so fashionable of late without being too literal, or a fitted ribbed t shirt in white. We’re pretty sure you’ll love this necklace so much, you’ll want to give one to one of your BFFs. Which… wouldn’t be a bad gift at all, given how pretty it is. In other words, this Celestial Charm Necklace is not to be underestimated.

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