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Metallic Gladiator Sandal

$ 28.00

Take back the summer with this dazzling style, the Metallic Gladiator Style. Crafted from polished silver vegan leather, these shiny shoes will be the answer to your hot season fun. They’re easily paired with any of your summer outfits, whether you’re a shorts-wearing kind of gal or a bigger fan of flirty dresses. And thanks to their glimmering metallic finish, they’ll add instant sparkle to anything you’re wearing, and instantly turn your ensemble into your most liked outfit of the season. Just put them on, snap a pic, upload it and watch the likes roll in.

Whether you want to wear them to a party or simply just to jazz up an everyday outfit, these shoes will happily assist in adding sparkle and shine. They feature a multi-strand ankle strap woven in a criss cross pattern, and two horizontal toe straps to keep your foot securely in place. A pull zip on the back makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze. And thanks to their flat sole, which features only the tiniest of heels, they’re well suited for dancing, walking and running to wherever your heart desires this season. Like most girls, we respect a pair of elegant stilettos, but the beauty of warm weather is that it makes events a little more casual, and means it’s socially welcomed to wear flats at special occasions. Always a worthy addition to your footwear wardrobe, they’re proof that you can look good, and stay mobile at the same. Even better yet, like all sandals, they help make your legs look longer by offering only minimal adornment on your feet. With a streamlined silhouette and a rounded almond toe, these sandals are no exception. If you’re looking for a shoe that dazzles yet is still practical to wear and will make you the life of the party, this metallic style might just be the answer.