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Rose Quartz Face Roller by Good Behind The Glam

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Introducing the highest quality face roller that won’t break the bank. You’ll Instantly feel relaxed and rejuvenated with this luxurious rose quartz facial roller. Made with 100 percent pure gemstone and a stainless steel frame, The 2 - in - 1 design features a small stone head that is used around the delicate eye area to combat puffiness and dark circles. The larger stone head that is designed for areas of the head and neck. This tool is used to promote circulation, flush toxins, tighten skin, and slim the face. The pure rose quartz stone has a natural cooling effect that will immediately have you saying "ahh," as you gently roll it over your face!


We are confident this is the most well designed and affordable eye & face roller on the market. The stainless steel frame allows you to massage without fear of breaking or the rollerball flying off. Unlike the majority of rollers made with a brass/metal frame, our stainless steel frame will not rust when using this tool in combination with oils and creams. Rose Quartz is a precious gemstone that has many healing properties and anti-aging benefits. Massaging the skin with this stone is known to improve blood circulation and skin tone, improve the elasticity of the skin, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness, minimize wrinkles and dark under-eye circles, eliminate toxins, and tighten and reduce pore size. This facial roller promotes overall wellness. The cooling massage provides immediate relaxation and stress relief. the rolling properties can also help to relieve headache and TMJ pain. Handmade item. Designed in the USA assembled in China. Never tested on animals. 


  • One of the only face rollers on the market with a stainless steel frame. Unlike brass, the steel is specifically designed not to rust when used with oils and creams.
  • The sturdy steel frame also properly supports the weight of the rose quartz stone. 
  • Massaging with the face roller improves blood circulation, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness, eliminates toxins, tightens skin and reduces pore size. 
  • The rolling massage properties can reduce stress, relieve headaches and minimize TMJ pain. 

    Giving Back 

    We believe in spreading love and have pledged to donate a portion of each to help empower women overcoming crisis to rebuild their lives. 


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