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Madison V-Neck Striped Sweater

$ 48.00

Spring is in the air, so take advantage of the warmer temperatures by switching up your layer game to include this Madison V-Neck Striped Sweater. A lightweight alternative to the bulkier styles of winter, this sweater comes in a silhouette that’s just the perfect amount of oversized. Its laid back, carefree vibe will have you looking good on the weekend and during the week as well. It takes skill to nail the chic off-duty look without looking like you just rolled out of bed, but this piece of clothing somehow manages to get things right, and will have the other kids envious of both your inner sense of style, and how little effort you have to put in to get it. It’s not an easy task to get that balance, so props to this sweater for achieving that effect.

Light and balmy, this pullover is a breath of fresh air after a season of grey. It comes with wide stripes in shades of sky blue and white, with a surprising stripe of yellow at the bottom, giving this piece the color palette of a sunny day. It has a wide V neck lined with ribbed detailing that opens up towards the face for a flattering visual effect. Dropped shoulder seams give it that slouchy, lived-in effect we’re always looking for and that makes it feel cozy. Side slits at the bottom give it a little extra movement. A ribbed bottom hem and sleeve cuffs pull the look together and add a polished touch. Let’s face it - if you’ve got a last minute catch up with the girls or something’s come up that means you need to get out of the house as soon as possible, this sweater is a no-brainer. Just slip it on over your outfit and you’ll be out the door before anyone can even type the first letter in a text to ask where you are.