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Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid Serum

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If you want a no-frills Vitamin C serum that will give you back the glow of 
your youth, then look no further than our Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid Serum, 
a concentrated anti-aging powerhouse of a product that delivers beautiful, 
radiant skin in minutes. 
This serum is a best-seller for a reason. We use L-ascorbic acid, the purest 
form of Vitamin C, as research, shows it’s effective at: 

  • Reducing hyperpigmentation and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles brightening and tightening the skin
  • Boosting the production of collagen (a precious protein that keeps skin supple and soft)
  • Reducing premature aging
  • Improving overall skin texture and tone
  • Providing all-day protection from damaging free radicals and UV exposure

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