From the Classroom to Friday Fun Times (Pieces to Wear Anywhere)

March 02, 2020
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Hello weekend, is that you?

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and hopefully that somewhere is right where you are. If you’ve been watching the clock tick by slowly all week, congrats – you made it!

After a week that felt as long as Ariana Grande’s ponytail (aka, never-ending), you’ll likely want to be ready to rumble by the time freedom approaches. Your quickest exit plan involves pre-planning some fun women’s clothes and outfits that take you from desk to dancing in a pinch.

Here are some versatile clothes that’ll ensure you’ll always be prepared for the party.


Women standing in cute denim clothes

If we’re assigning our clothes grades, let’s go ahead and slap a big A+ on your trusty denims as they’ll never let you down.

Opt for a pair of ‘mom’ or ‘boyfriend’ jeans with a boho blouse, a silky cami, or a band tee underneath a longline blazer and you’re all set.

Slip Dress

The resurgence of 1990s trends in fun women’s clothes hit a peak when slip dresses became the go-to for Instagram’s cool girls. Pop a t-shirt or long sleeve turtleneck on underneath yours to keep things appropriate for the classroom, and pair with nonchalant biker boots or sneakers to add an edge.

Ankle Boots

Woman wearing ankle boots

When it comes to footwear, a chunky-heeled ankle boot is much like the date your mom would want you to bring home for the holidays - smart and sensible, but still able to have a little fun.

Opt for a comfortable leather or suede version to see you through (and while that date might not work out in the long run, you know these boots will always have your back!).

Leather Jacket

Granted, the leather jacket is somewhat of an overachiever, but unlike the teacher’s pet in your class, this one won’t drive you nuts.

Wear yours to jazz up everything from flirty mini dresses and opaque tights, to track pants and a white t-shirt.

Midi Skirt

Woman wearing a pink pleated midi skirt

Equal parts chic and contemporary, a flattering mid-length skirt is as strategic for styling versatile clothes as a tutor is for the SATs.

Pair a pleated or tiered skirt with a fitted sweater for class, and wear a crop top or leotard underneath for when you plan to hit the dance floor.


Is there anything more dancefloor-ready than fun women’s clothes that sparkle? Add a dash of high-low to your daytime outfit by including some sequins.

Think a sequin mini skirt with opaque tights, flat shoes and an oversized boyfriend blazer, or sequin joggers with a casual tee and you’ll be the belle of the *disco* ball.

Crossbody Bag

We love a multitasker, so a bag that pairs with fun women’s clothes and takes you from the crack of dawn to last call is always going to be a winner.

Look for an easy-to-style, functional-yet-fashionable crossbody option that works with versatile clothes. Bonus points if it doubles as a clutch come nighttime - bonus bonus points if there’s enough room for snacks!

Written by Freya Drohan.

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