Indie Beauty

Indie Beauty Brands

Sometimes you may like to go for the big-name brands. And that’s cool. Other times, there are those diamonds in the rough, those brands that make you wonder where they’ve been all your life. Enter: Milk Money’s Indie Beauty section!

Our indie beauty brands offer cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, lotions, masks, oils, serums, and other products that will help make your outer beauty shine as much as your inner beauty. When you look good on the outside, your confidence soars and you feel good on the inside. These indie beauty brand products can scrub away the old skin and reveal that healthy skin just itching to get out!

Simple, Basic Ingredients

Ever looked at the back of your face wash’s or exfoliator’s ingredients and go “huh?” at that big long list with hard-to-pronounce words? We think you should know what goes into your beauty products. Indie beauty brands strive for simple, clean, and basic ingredients that give us the results we want without harsh chemicals. They avoid parabens, BHAs, coal tar, and other ingredients commonly found in commercial skincare products. Browse our products made with sea salt, coconut oil, rosemary, green tea, and other ingredients you know and can easily pronounce.

Beauty is Not Only Skin Deep

Beauty isn’t only skin deep, it’s how you should feel every day. And with our indie beauty brands, you can share that beauty with yourself or as gifts for the beauty lovers in your life. Explore our selection of indie beauty products at Milk Money.