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Essential Women’s Clothing

When it comes to the word basic, we think of it as those essential pieces everyone has in their wardrobe. And every woman should have solid essentials in their wardrobe...like jeans, cardigans, and comfy tops. Our essential women’s clothing is a collection that speaks with familiar items that are cut, designed, and styled for today’s modern fashionistas. Here, basic doesn't mean boring...it means new takes on styles that have been around the block.

Fresh Styles Weekly

Here at Milk Money, we hate sour milk! Including old styles and fashions that are so last year. Our goal is to keep you clothed in fresh new fashions that will inspire your friends, catch people’s attention, and leave you feeling like the best-dressed person in the entire room. We bring in the latest styles and trends from unique brands every week so you always have new food for thought when picking out your next outfit from our selection of essential women’s clothing.

Rewards & More

Our virtual closet is always packed, and new styles arrive weekly. We offer free shipping on all orders within the US so you can get as many items as you need to create your perfect outfit. You can also sign up for the #MILKMONEYGirlGang to get 20% off your first order. If you want a complete outfit, browse our fashion accessories and stylish shoes for even more options to add to your fashion repertoire.