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Twist Me Up Sandal

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Every once in a while a heartbreakingly elegant and cool shoe comes along to make us break out our wallets and say yes please. This Twist Me Up Sandal is the perfect example. Sculptural and feminine yet comfortable and easy to wear, it’s a slip on style worthy of the rest of our summer wardrobe, particularly our dressier, more special occasion pieces. Footwear can make or break an outfit, but with this sandal, there’s no excuse not to have the right shoe.

This open toe style comes in two different colors that are equally versatile: a romantic shade of blush pink and the eternally classic black. Multiple strands of suede cords curve around each other and form a band that holds the foot in place. A wide, rounded toe at the front and a medium width footbed means this shoe is suitable for most feet. The footbed is lined with suede-feel vegan leather for a soft, tactile experience, and the sandal features a very slight heel that’s more for style than elevation.

From garden weddings to fancy dinners or even just a nice night out with your friends, it’s nice to dress up every once in a while, and this shoe will be there for you when you do. When it comes to special events, the Twist Me Up Sandal presents a nice alternative to heels, especially if you prioritize comfort over height. But though the style is unmistakably refined, there’s no need to save it up and only bring it out once in a blue moon. Its relatively understated character means it’d work with jeans or shorts in everyday moments too. Take this pair on vacation, and wear it with denim shorts and cat eye sunglasses for a vintage starlet look. No matter the look you’re going for, there’s no shortage of possibilities with these sandals.

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