Active-Chic: Activewear Clothes for When You Want to Be Comfy for Class

December 26, 2019
College girl wearing activewear clothes in a grass field
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For when you can’t wear pajamas and you still want to look stylish – allow me to introduce a foolproof formula: trendy activewear clothes that are equal parts fashionable and functional.

When social media can seem like endless peacocking – think influencers popping out to do their errands in head-to-toe designer looks – the natural reaction is to opt for a ‘less is more’ approach. And when it comes to being low-key and comfortable, nothing jumps to mind quicker than athleisure; well, maybe except for those aforementioned pajamas.

The good news is that working a head-to-toe sports-inspired look – without actually working out – is 100% approved for campus.

Here’s how to nail the vibe for class with activewear clothes, without looking like you’re actually on the way to that HIIT class you snoozed your alarm for.

Vintage Sports Sweaters

What do Hailey Bieber and Princess Diana have in common? Their penchant for 1980s retro sportswear. Want to look effortlessly cool on a budget? Hit up your local thrift or charity store (or your parent’s basement) and raid the men’s collegiate and sports sweaters. Cue, the smugness: “Oh this? It’s vintage!”


Woman wearing a trendy activewear bomber jacket while walking away from the beach

The Downtown New York coverup of choice these days? Believe it or not, it’s a fleece. That’s ‘cause some of the fashion industry’s coolest young designers have spruced up the cozy jacket, giving it new sex appeal in the process.

Shearling Shoes

Granted, sneakers are the first word in comfy and stylish kicks to pair with activewear clothes, but shearling-lined slides and sandals are the trending footwear of choice for VSCO girls these days. Feeling adventurous? Pair yours with sports socks for a nonchalant look.

Bomber Jackets

Woman wearing activewear clothes in a city setting

Like leather and denim jackets, the bomber remains firmly fixed in the cool camp. Wear yours with a flowy dress and ankle boots for some high-low styling points.

Bike Shorts

The younger, trendier sister to the omnipresent Lululemons. Team your shorts with everything from oversized shirts and leather jackets to smock dresses and sneakers. SoulCycle, but make it fashion, you know?

Trendy activewear clothes that are more relaxed and can take you from class, to the gym, to drinks out with friends are all the rage. Heck, they may even inspire you to become more active and healthy. Whatever the occasion is, look stylish and feel comfy in your clothing while you’re doing it! Milk Money is here to support you being you every step of the way.

Written by Freya Drohan.

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