Five Things That Will Make Your Morning Routine Less Stressful

November 21, 2019
Oats, coffee, and a magazine for an easy morning routine
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Beep. Beep. Beeeeep. Did you hear that? Yep, that was your alarm clock—ten minutes ago.

If your morning routine resembles something out of a rom-com opening sequence as you hop around your bedroom, brushing your teeth while stuffing one leg into your pants and wishing you were stress-free, your AM might need a dose of chill.

Instead of starting your day like you’re a contestant on Total Wipeout, dodging a week’s worth of discarded clothes and shoes flung haphazardly around your space, why not implement some practices to start your day with a little more zen?

I’m not going to give you the “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” lecture because—let’s face it—that’s what Pinterest’s neverending motivational quotes are for. But now that I’ve dropped that armchair wisdom in there . . . let’s talk about prep and what it could do for you in terms of creating an easy morning routine.

Here are five ways to start your day more like Cinderella—cue singing animals and a joyous atmosphere—rather than Frankenstein woken from a nap.

Meal Prep

Everyone at your gym is talking about it for a reason; this approach works, especially if you’re looking for an easy morning routine. If you’re the kind of person who can’t cope without a morning snack, save time by making a batch of overnight oats, chia seed pudding, egg muffins, or whatever tickles your fancy on a Sunday evening. Trust me, a pre-prepared healthy morning meal tastes great with a side of smugness.

Outfit Plan

Think Cher Horowitz’s iconic outfit-selecting computer software, but instead of a magic algorithm, you’re doing the work. If you’re not in the business of pre-determining all your outfits ahead of time, at least move some newly purchased or clean, unworn garments to the front of your closet and have correlating accessories in an easy-to-reach place. You might not have your whole outfit planned out, but simply having a few choices within reach makes all the difference when creating an easy morning routine.


“LOL” I hear you say, with an almost audible eye roll. If you read any interview with a successful CEO or entrepreneur, you’ll likely find that they have already broken a sweat by 6 a.m. If your mornings feel crammed and hectic, throw a curveball by prioritizing a dose of morning cardio or a calming yoga flow. Funnily enough, even though it takes more time, it manages to add some balance into the before-work tornado you’re used to. Done consistently, exercise can help to boost your mood and calm your anxiety, leading to a stress-free morning routine, even if you don’t take anything else off your plate.

Girl Practicing Easy Morning Routine Yoga


One way to overhaul your day? Marie Kondo the heck out your living space. Being greeted by mountains of *stuff*, especially before you sip coffee and come to life, can overwhelm your senses. That’s the total opposite of the stress-free morning routine you’re looking for. Either live by the “everything has a place” rule or commit to tossing one thing into a donation bag per day and watch how your environment suddenly feels more functional and clear.

Essentials Station

Ah, the essentials station—a tip that’s worth its weight in gold . . . or at least five more minutes in bed. To add some natural flow to your easy morning routine and keep yourself from scouring the entire house just to find your keys, designate one convenient area for all your daily essentials. Near the front door is probably the easiest option. Things like keys, a portable charger, sunglasses, perfume, lip balm, and your wallet should find a home on this one shelf/tabletop. Now, you’re ready to face the world in less than 10 seconds.

Keys, pen, calendar, change organizer for easy morning routine

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Written by Freya Drohan.

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