Beauty Products for the Nomadic Girl

November 22, 2019
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In all those #Wanderlust images you’re often double-tapping online, do you know what’s missing? A trunkload of beauty products weighing that free-spirited girl down.

When you travel, the last thing you want is to be left lugging around lotions and potions. Just like you consciously only pack your fashion favorites, so too should you streamline your beauty approach with convenient travel size beauty products.

You might not want to hear this, but someone has got to tell you—when it comes to traveling, you really should get in the habit of only bringing the *absolute* essentials. Glitter eyeliner, eyeshadow palettes, and products for your eight-step Korean skincare routine? Sis, this ain’t the time.

Let’s talk you through your new pared-back packing skills by discussing the best beauty products for travel.

Multi-Purpose Products

A bronzer that doubles as an eyeshadow and a lip stain that’s also a cream blush—now that’s music to our ears. Any product that gives more bang for its buck is a winner when it comes to beauty on the fly. You don’t even have to settle for travel size beauty products. Go ahead and pack your full size favorites, but choose products that can play more than one role in your beauty routine.

Travel Size

You don’t have to settle for travel size beauty products, but sometimes you should. These downsized babies are the best beauty products for travel because that’s literally what they’re made for. Next time you’re shopping for your go-to faves, ask the sales assistant if they can give you some samples or testers. Now, instead of having to pack an extra few pounds of beauty bits (hello annoying overweight charges) you can stockpile the convenient mini versions ahead of your trip.

Shop Local

French pharmacies aren’t a thing of beauty lore for nothing. They stock some of the best beauty products for travel with some of the best formulas in the world. No matter where you are, there’s likely the option to pick up and experiment with some local artisanal products at nearby markets or stores—which will also benefit the area’s economy. Win win!

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Use a Solid

Shampoo and conditioner bottles and giant tubs of moisturizer equal major space invaders in your already limited carry-on, backpack, or suitcase. Not only are these far from the convenient travel size beauty products, but they’re also literally double the space of most beauty essentials. Consider investing in solid bars instead—you’ll find ‘em at any good health store—which is much more efficient and eco-friendly. They’re the metal straw equivalent for hair and skincare, if you will.

Sharing is Caring

Traveling with a girlfriend? Be thankful. Obviously, it’s great that she’s there to be your companion, but make sure traveling with your bestie works out for both of your beauty routines too. Write a list between you and decide who will bring what supplies. This avoids doubling up on everything and helps you both pack more strategically. You know what? Maybe BBF meant “Best Beauty Friend” all along.

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Written by Freya Drohan.

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