Four Ways To Incorporate A Silk Scarf Into Your Look

October 18, 2019
Four Ways To Incorporate A Silk Scarf Into Your Look
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Meet your wardrobe MVP.

Silk scarves are the glue that holds fashion history together: after all, what other accessory has been used by Egyptian queens, Chinese emperors, Roman soldiers and Hollywood starlets? Not to mention, of course, the disco divas of 1970s-era 54 and the unlikely style icons of the 1990s, whose makeshift bandana tops are still popular today.

You see, in less than a meter of fabrics lies never-ending outfit possibilities. A hair wrap? Yes. A belt? Yep. A handbag accessory? Uh huh. A beach bar-ready crop top or sarong? You got it. Even a neckerchief to go with your ‘French Girl’ chic Breton top? Oui!

So, let us count the ways a silk scarf can be everything you wish your next Bumble date could be: perfect, versatile and reliable.

A silk scarf top

It’s already being hailed as this year’s unexpected ‘It Girl top’. And if you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately, you’ll likely understand why. YouTube is filled with great tutorials on how to fashion a silk scarf into everything from a halter top to a bandeau. For bonus points: look for a vintage designer one with logos to give you extra street style kudos.

A handbag accessory

There are few purses on this earth that couldn’t be made more fabulous with the addition of a knotted silk scarf on their handle or chain. Think of it like a contour/highlight situation for your arm candy.

A bandana

Remember the milkmaid and prairie girl looks that dominated social media last year, complete with basket bags and lace-up tops? That same nonchalant girl has a new accessory to go with her slip-on mules and petticoats. Silk scarf bandanas tied in the old school, 1950s-inspired way are an up and coming trend on Instagram. Think Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ airport style and you’re on the money.

A headband

Is there a 1970s-themed roller disco in town that we didn’t know about it? Probably not – but everyone’s styling their slinky, silky scarves around their foreheads like there is.

If you needed further convincing that a silk scarf is the best investment you’ll make this year, remember that there are few things you can’t do with one. Don’t believe me? When Grace Kelly broke her arm in 1956, the iconic style star even used a silk scarf to dress up her plaster cast.

I mean, if it’s good enough for a Princess…...

Written by Freya Drohan.

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