Magic & Tonic: Superfood Ingredients to Add to Cocktails

October 18, 2019
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Cheers, with benefits.

The world can’t get enough of wellness right now. From workout concepts and supplements to bougie ingredients, we’re all reading from the gospel of Goop.

While there’s nothing inherently healthy about alcohol (!!boooo!!), there’s always the option to incorporate superfoods into whatever your ‘poison’ of choice is. In fact, if lattes can have anything from beetroot to mushroom in them these days, it’s probably only fitting that you soup up your cocktail too.

Here’s a couple of ways to have a healthy-ish tipple – ones that we’d definitely raise a glass to.

Add Matcha

Matcha, known for its Kermit the Frog-hue, is about 137 times more beneficial than a regular cup of green tea (no biggie) and it’s brimming with antioxidants, chlorophyll, and vitamins. To get a real buzz from your beverage, add a small amount of matcha to Mojitos or Margaritas, as the zest from the lime will help disguise matcha’s signature earthy taste.

Add Kombucha

Cocktails aren’t exactly low sugar – I mean, is anything in life that tastes good low sugar? However, a dash of Kombucha is one way to slip in some extra gut-friendly probiotics. Try adding some to a Moscow Mule with grated ginger for a tart, refreshing blend.

Add Tumeric

There’s something about the tell-tale orange tint of turmeric that makes us feel more healthy *just* by looking at it. Infuse any fizzy cocktail that has a ginger base with a teaspoon of the beneficial spice and you’ll be glowing like the goddess you are before the night ends.

Add Fruit

Who doesn’t love a berry-infused bev? Skip sugar-laden premixed drinks or cans of spiked seltzer (I know you love your White Claw, but hear me out) and opt to add fresh fruit to homemade Sangrias or boozy punch.

Add Kale

Yes. You read that right. I mean, Beyonce didn’t wear a KALE sweatshirt for nothing, you know? Believe it or not, the salad staple is a trending ingredient in some of New York City’s coolest cocktail joints right now. One popular hotspot does a mean Margarita, which is mixed with tequila, ginger, lime, agave, chili salt, and kale. But before you ask – no, this doesn’t count as a green juice.


You can’t spell wellness without CBD these days. To reap the bennies – which includes reduced inflammation and pain management for conditions like anxiety – add a few drops of your favorite CBD oil to your drink of choice. If you’re buying, we’ll have a CBD spritz. Cin cin!

Written by Freya Drohan.

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